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Breaking The Fourth Wall In SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

To be able to fly like a bird has all the time been considered one of mankind’s archetypal dreams. Many lenses have macro (shut focusing) features however there are lenses specifically made for close-up work and their high quality is better. Canon’s EF 100mm f2.8 has full-time manual over-ride function and is the right macro lens which can also double-as much as swimsuit portrait work.

This shot is often used for dramatic effect and the tight focus required signifies that lighting and the establishing of the shot should be dealt with very carefully. You may also turn the digicam sideways to see if a vertical picture may need more affect than a horizontal shot of the same subject.

One Shot (1S) : Pengambilan gambar satu objek. Your digital digicam has a “macro mode” – think of it as an excellent magnifying glass. Hampir sama dengan Close Up, bedanya Big Shut …