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Canon Admits It Has 'A Ton Of Room To Develop' In Video, Eyes 4K For

You’ve got graduated out of your level-and-shoot, so what’s next? Easy level-and-shoot cameras rely almost solely on their built-in automation and machine intelligence for capturing images below a wide range of situations and provide no manual management over their functions, a trait which makes them unsuitable to be used by professionals, fanatics and proficient consumers (aka “prosumers”). When you’re into sports, action and wildlife images, the modest 5fps burst shooting is perhaps a bit restrictive, but in any other case, the D810 is still a fantastic DSLR that is now better value than ever.

Canon EOS M6 pictured with the EVF-DC2, an accessory viewfinder with 2.36 million dot resolution. Nikon has some good cameras as nicely, however¬†it’s personally not a route I might go. Canon has EF-S lenses for crop sensors, but keep in mind these lenses will not work on full-frame should you ever choose to improve. A …

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