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The planet is a mysterious place stuffed with all kinds of critters, creations, and crustaceans that continually baffle scientists as more and more discoveries are made. It can be used from an extended shot to a close-up, step by step focussing the audience on a particular object or character. The acute close up shot works for this image because you lots of details that you’d often see if you happen to simply checked out a leaf.extreme close up

The longer the focal size of a macro lens the better working distance there’s from what’s being photographed. Figure 2. An in depth-up shot of Superman consuming a pickle. Excessive Long Shot adalah Teknik pengambilan gambar yang menampilkan sesuatu secara luas.

Seperti halnya pada fotografi, gambar yang telah diambil disimpan pada gulungan movie. High Angle adalah teknik pengambilan gambar dimana kamera berada di atas objek. three. Use extreme close-ups to seize the intricate element …