It’s a 50-year special edition vespa primavera specs
It’s a 50-year special edition vespa primavera specs

Classic vespas that have been released since 1968, primavera, now reach the age of 50. To commemorate it, vespa released a limited amount of primavera on the 50th edition that is available at no more than 10% of primavera on the market. As its name allows, the vespa is released in celebration of its 50 year worldwide circulation. primavera had more life than when he was first released to the public in 1968. Despite the special edition and the so-called limited edition, it turns out that prices are just not that different from standard primavera. If you look for Vespa for sale, You can try buying in the wheels motorcycle. Wheels offers a vespa of 50 primavera at a reasonable price.

50 is not a short life. Not many products can last that long. Today vespa releases primavera 50th anniversary as a celebration of his achievements. As a special edition, there must be a differentiation served to this classic style scooter. Mainly to the color touch. This special edition was presented in only have two color choices, light blue with a metallic composition and brown matte. Amplification of the special color, also enhanced by a double stitching thread on the bright shoulder. The rim design is also different, five trusted beams reinforce the theme and stability of the wheel. Of course, the logo of a 50-year-old edition is also attached to the front drawer.

Mechanical specs, special primavera use I-get 150cc rig. The unit was coupled with a reliable CVT transmission that gave off a mild power. Modern system left light features are also installed on the front and back of the motor. Believed to give more light to the lighting, it also amplifies the modern side of the vespa.

This special issue is being offered out to the public. For those of you who want to be different still, primavera 50th anniversary is likewise accompanied by a variety of accessories. An accessory was also offered in a special package so that customers could easily personalize the motor.

Vespa primavera 50th anniversary is the third Piaggio anniversary presented in this year’s special edition. Previously, they offered her sprint carbon and primavera yacht club. Now the famous special edition of primavera completes and extends brand Piaggio’s portfolio.