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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    Social Responsibility
    Sustainable development

    As an advocate of ecological medicine in China, Lukang Pharmcetucal Co., Ltd. (LKPC) integrates environmental protection technology into the development of the industry. After many years of accumulation, LKPC has built a technology platform for environmental protection science and technology production, academia and research, dedicated to serving pharmaceutical enterprises and contributing to the society. As an established state-owned enterprise, LKPC is convinced that environmental protection is the "lifeline" of an enterprise. Strengthen the training of environmental awareness of staff, vigorously into the environmental protection equipment and other hardware.

    Since the early 80s of last century, lukang pharma invested 3 million yuan launched environmental protection equipment three-phase bio-cured bed . LKPC industrial wastewater treatment work has been walking in the forefront of the domestic industry. So far, the total investment in environmental protection facilities totaled nearly 400 million yuan.

    Lukang's pollution control work was affirmed and approved by the government and environmental protection authorities. In 2006, the State Environmental Protection Administration used lukang’s sewage treatment process as a typical case when they drafting  the sewage treatment industry standard; In Jun. 2007, Lukang was granted the title of "green enterprise management award" by council  of Chinese Environment News, which is the only national environmental protection organization approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China; In the same year, Lukang was voted as Huaihe basin water pollution prevention and control work advanced unit by Jining municipal government.

    During the "13th Five-Year" plan,lukang will make the most of biological technology advantages accumulated by many years, continuous practicing its mission of develop ecological Pharmaceuticals, serve Human Health, adhere to the concept of environmental protection with "green development, harmonious symbiosis",in accordance with the principle of "green relocation, environmental protection in advance", aiming to construction a resource-saving and environment-friendly pharmaceutical enterprises which will take the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprises and make greater contributions to the human health as well as building a harmonious society.

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