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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    R & D
    R & D Overview

    Human Drug

    R & D center bears the research and development of human drug, which established in 1973. Now, it is awarded as "National Enterprise Technology Center", "National Postdoctoral Research Station" and "Shandong Microbial Separation and Purification Engineering Technology Research Center".

    Mainly engaged in microbial fermentation drugs, semi-synthetic antibiotics and synthetic drugs in the field of chemical research and development, the scope of clinical use covers anti-infective drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, endocrine, anti-hepatitis B virus, neurodegenerative, Anti-rheumatic and other systemic medication.

    R & D center focus on core research team building and training, with a high-quality research team. There are more than 100 research personnel, including 5 doctors and 41 graduate.

    There are 4 research laboratories (Biochemical laboratory, Synthesis laboratory, Preparation laboratory, Quality laboratory) and 1 fermentation refining pilot platform, as well as Registration of Regulatory Affairs Dept., Project Management Office, Comprehensive Office, with a full range of advanced equipment, equipment and laboratory platform.


    Shelile R & D Center is the company veterinary drug product research and development institutions. Under the guidance of the company's strategy, over the years we insist on "strengthen platform building, cultivate the core technology; based on process optimization, serve production and market; focus on customer value, lead the market demand"; and constantly explore new technical fields of veterinary drugs. As well, we are responsible for veterinary drug product registration.

    In 2012, it was awarded as Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, Jining Livestock and Poultry Health Drugs Engineering Research Center, in 2014 was identified as Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. In 2015, it organized Jining Biotechnology Industry Innovation Alliance.

    In recent years, the R & D Center has continuously increased the introduction and cultivation of high-level scientific research leaders. There are 3 doctors and 9 graduates, currently total 24 staff of biochemical, synthetic, veterinary pharmacology.

    There are 5 professional laboratories of the fermentation engineering laboratory, the synthesis extraction laboratory, the preparation research and development laboratory, the analysis and testing laboratory and the registration information laboratory. The research and development area is 600 square meters. The company has a 3000 high performance liquid chromatography, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Laboratory Basket Mill, Ampoule Sealer, Precision Peristaltic Pump, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, TU-1800PC Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer, Rotary Evaporator, Homogenizer, high-speed centrifuge, multi-functional constant-temperature water bath oscillator, clarity detector, and other testing and testing equipment.

    Shandong Lukang Bio-pesticide Co., Ltd. is in charge of the research of bio-pesticde. It is awarded as Provincial Enterprise R & D Center.

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