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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    Quality Assurance
    Precise Control

    Lukang pharama persist on the core values of innovation, quality and moral, revival the enterprise by manufacturing high quality, safe and efficient drug, which are aimed to serve the people's care.

    Lukang Pharama adhere to the concept of quality management: every one take actions, precise control, super quality, industrial benchmark. Conscientiously implement the ISO:9001 quality management system and other relevant laws and regulations. Establish and operate the quality management system based on the laws and regulation.

    Lukang pharma have established a perfect quality management system, and three step quality management networks they are the company, workshop, working team. Strictly implement of quality authorized person system which will make sure the continuous improvement and effective control of the products life cycle and quality. And ensure to provide products which meet the requirements of the international and domestic customers, including satisfy customer's special requirements.

    The QA department is responsible for the organization, coordination and supervision of quality assurance system. There is a strict inspection system. The inspection department is responsible for the raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Maintaining a strict standard to ensure supply products with super quality.

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