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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    Industrial Ecology
    Industry Chain

    Pharmaceutical (human)

    Human medicine is currently the most important support plate of LKPC, Divided into two sub-plate; Formulations and APIs

    API Division as the main body, based on penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics, Product range, many categories and actively develop semi-synthetic penicillin series Cephalosporin series products, ampicillin, mezlocillin, azlocillin, piperacillin, lenamicillin hydrochloride, cefazolin, cefpiramide, ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, cefixime, cefathiamidine Constitute the "antibiotic tree". Vigorously develop spectinomycin, acetyl spiramycin, amino acids, statins, natamycin, rosiglitazone and other raw materials, high value-added characteristics of bulk drug products. at the end of "Thirteen Five".

    Lukang biomedical recycling economy industrial park Is "retreat into the city" to undertake industrial park of LKPC API Division, Mainly the development of large tonnage synthetic products, bio-fermentation products, biological materials. The park not only the development of human medication, but also the development of animal and plant drugs; Zoucheng semi-synthetic penicillin specialty product area positioning as specialized R & D, production of synthetic products and intermediates production center, focusing on the development of semi-synthetic penicillin freeze-dried products, the development characteristics of semi-synthetic raw materials and specialty chemical raw materials. to the end of "Thirteen Five" the overall revenue of API reached 1.1 billion yuan, cultivate a new economic growth point and leapfrog development of the new engine. create an upgraded version of the economic of LKPC.

    With the formulation department as the main body, owning the resources of Lukang Saite and Lukang Dadi company, which involved in Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, product formulations covering capsules, injections, tablets, granules, pills, suspension, powder, some varieties maintain a leading position in the industry, Tibetan medicine and Chinese medicine are exclusive varieties.

    Lukang formulation products covering the field of anti infective therapy, cardiovascular, diabetes, amino acids, anti HBV, neurodegenerative, anti rheumatic, food additives, health products etc... The main products of our company include Benzylpenicillin Sodium for Injection, Spectinomycin Hydrochloride for Injection, Ampicillin Sodium for Injection, Ceftriaxone Sodium for Injection, Cefradine for Injection, Cefazolin Sodium for Injection, Acetylspiramycin Tablets, Midecamycin Tablets, Spectinomycin hydrochloride is in the leading position in China.

    Lukang high-tech biotechnology Industrial Park It is located in Jining high-tech Zone, which is the new location of lukang formulation factory as well as the relocation site of lukang headquarters.The park will cover an area of 464 mu, 247 mu in 1st phase. The orientatation of the park is vigorously developing anti infection, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hypoglycemic agents and other formulations, focusing on research and development and introduction of slow release, controlled release, targeted drugs and other new varieties and formulations, aiming to achieve replacement of formulations. At the end of 13th Five-Year plan, the sales revenue is going to reaching 1.67 billion yuan, profit of 78 million yuan.

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