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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    Industrial Ecology
    Industry Chain

    Environmental Technology

    Environmental technology is Lukang new industry, adhering to the "Green development, Harmonious coexistence" concept, and continues to achieve enterprise development with the environmental protection of harmony and unity. It has good developing space and prospects. Shandong Lukang Zhonghe Environmental Technology Ltd. is one of the most complete and advanced environmental enterprises in China. The company has a unique super high concentration waste water treatment technology.

    During the 13th five year period, taking the development of environmental protection industry as the main line, the company vigorously carry out sewage treatment, solid waste drying process, external water introduction business, environmental protection projects, environmental protection management, environmental protection materials and other business, accelerate the construction of environmental protection research and development platform, and strive to cultivate the main products and to achieve rapid development.

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