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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    Industrial Ecology
    Industry Chain

    Animal health & Plant health

    Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shandong Lukang Bio-pesticide Co., Ltd. are responsible for the production, sales and R & D of veterinary and pesticide products. The products are divided into three varieties: Veterinary APIs, Veterinary preparations, biological fertilizer and pesticide.
    In China, Lukang is the leading manufacturer and R & D of veterinary, and also the leading enterprise of biological veterinary. The total scale and market share occupy the first place. In 2014, Lukang is determined to be the first pilot enterprises for the quality traceability system of veterinary by the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Lukang is the first manufacturer of salinomycin in China, making the record of producing animal APIs in domestic pharmaceutical companies. The main products are Tylosin, Salinomycin, Tilmicosin, Tiamulin, Flunixin Meglumine etc. We gain high reputation in the market, and recognition among customers.

    Lukang is committed to R & D and production of high quality and differentiated veterinary preparations. There are five series of veterinary preparations: swine products, poultry products, aquatic products, feed additives, microbiological products respectively. Many products are very popular among domestic breeding groups and the end users. The production structure becomes complete after the finish of water injection, feed additives and herbal extract production line. 
    In 2014, Lukang established three-class technology service system of veterinary preparations. Lukang appointed 7 experts from 7 national agricultural colleges to set up Lukang Veterinary Hospital. The technical service department of animal health care was built by 6 doctors and graduates. Several specialty veterinarians devote to sales and service.
    By 2020, the annual sales are expected to reach 200-300 million, and rank in top ten domestic veterinary preparation enterprises.

    Based on the bio-pesticide APIs production and sales, developing biological fertilizer and pesticide formulations. Building bio-pesticide and biological fertilizer production base to ensure the sustainable development of Lukang Bio-pesticide Co., Ltd.

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