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    Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Striving to develop for 50 years
    Caring for human health
    LKPC is committed to developing the three major industrial chains of biopharmaceuticals, biological products and biological gene drugs by developing four pillars of Lukang (human) medicine, Lukang animal health ...

    Generations of Lukang people care for human health and also clearly realize the importance of great love. Our care for environment and social public..

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    400,000,000 RMB investment on environmental protection

    Lukang as Shandong province's first technology research center of high-concentration waste water
    undertaking deal high-concentration waste water of 16 provinces having 16 new patents of environment protection

    Develop ecological medicine Care for human health Create the beauty of harmony between human and nature.
    As China's first antibiotic preparation and raw material production base.

    Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Abbr. Lukang Pharma) is a large scale state-owned bio-pharmaceutical enterprise. 

    It is a national key R & D and production base of antibiotics. 

    It is also a national key High and New Tech Enterprise with a post PhD work station, a national level enterprise technical center and three provincial level. 

    Lukang use our core of "innovation, quality and integrity" practice a 
     largstate-owned enterprises's accountability and vitality values.
    50th Anniversary

    for a century Lukang, a strong unity of the Lukang people concerted efforts of one mind.

    50th Anniversary
    Move To Hualu Bio-Industrial Park

    Lukang opened a new chapter of moving to Hualu Bio-Industrial Park and the reform & innovation

    Move To Hualu Bio-Industrial Park
    Directed By HuaLu Holding

    Lukang under direction of Hualu holding which approved by the Shandong Provincial SASAC

    Directed By Hualu Holding
    Stock List

    In 1997, "Lukang Pharmaceutical" A shares was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

    Stock List
    Stock Reform

    reform as the first large joint stock enterprise in Medicine system of Shandong Province

    Stock Reform
    The First Pilot

    Lukang was identified as the first batch of pilot units to implement the director responsibility system

    The First Pilot
    The Establishment of Lukang

    the predecessor of Lukang, the No. 3 Branch of Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Manufacturer was under the ground-breaking construction.

    The Establishment of Lukang
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